30 August 2009
The Pig Festival and Other Stuff
We recently went to the Wittlich Pig Festival this year. When we first got there, we came across this protest. Initially we thought it was a parade but after seeing the pictures and the way their voices were resonating, it became clear they were against the celebration. Here are some pictures of the march:

And below are pictures of the festival:

Zee slaughtered pig...LOL.

Another angle of the another pig.

Workers prepare the pig sandwiches for the festival.

Tino and the elder twin with the Pirate.

The twins and their "Bongebob" balloon.

Reach for the sky!!! Yes, and that's a stain on her shirt from the chocolate covered strawberries she ate before taking this photo.

The classic "Big Wheel"

Our eldest is holding tight to her beloved Pokemon balloon.

And now the other stuff...

A makeshift fiesta plate just so we can feel closer to home.


Tino enjoying his malasadas...

Yep, she likes it...

A Virgin Mary statue on our way to a surprise destination.

And we ended up here... Vianden Castle, Luxembourg. It is so gorgeous.

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