04 July 2009
Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it
I know it has been a while since I have made an entry... what can I say, I am pretty bad at this blogging thing. However, during the absence of my posting, I have been doing some self analyzing. I know I am not an ugly person but there are times I feel like I am. I find myself comparing my features to the girls on the television, internet, and magazine covers. So I started asking myself, "What is beauty nowadays?"

It's so easy to get your body sculpted to what society thinks is beautiful. But if you do get all the plastic surgery done, at the end of the day when you look in the mirror, would you recognize your own face or body? Is it really our obsession with our outer appearance that really defies the definition of beauty? The world is full of beautiful people. It amazes me when society classifies someone as "the hottest female" or "the hottest male". I can see how one would want to strive for it, but it is rather vain. What does that say of the rest of the world's population when we do that? Are we not as beautiful as the next guy or gal?

Ever since I had the twins - I have rebuked my body. Granted I'm back to pre-pregnancy weight, but the way my body changed bothered me a lot. I am not sure if it was part of post-partum depression, yet it took a while for me to accept the way it looks now. There are times I still find myself disliking the way it has all changed. I am still trying to accept this how God wanted my body to be. Sometimes my thoughts contradict where I wonder what a mommy make-over would be like or wishing I had my body back before I got pregnant. However, Tino says every change is beautiful. I don't have the Hollywood silicone or the tall spidery legs of most models, but I am beginning to ask myself if I would really want it.

(Females) can plaster on make-up that when it comes off, we're almost unrecognizable. The people on televsion and magazine covers have layers of make-up on. I admit that makeup is nice - as I can see it as a form of art. The only problem I have with the whole caked-on makeup is that it gives the rest of us a false sense of beauty. My dear husband despises it when I put make-up on. When I ask him, 'Why?', he always responds, 'Natural is always better.' I admit, I practice the whole make-up thing. I am awful with it for the most part. I don't know how concealer works nor which foundation to use; how to apply eyeshadow or blush. Although confessing that I barely know about girlie products is embarrassing, I must admit I am content that I don't have to make myself up to be considered beautiful.

I've only written about the beauty of outward appearances. However, the real beauty I want to focus on is a person's character. We are so quick to revel in other people's faults, but what about the successful moments in their life? Do you sincerely give them praise when they are succeeding or do you mutter bad things? It is not just about being the bigger person or more righteous one, it shows how beautiful you really are.

There is so much evil in this world that I have almost convinced myself that the world that it is filled with ugly people - not because the way they look, but because the way they act. It seems lately a lot of bad things are happening to people and others celebrate in their pain. Why are we so selfish nowadays that we can't help one another during another's downfall? It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in God, being kind to one another is key to combatting the constant violence we face. Which leads me to my next outlook on beauty: being nice.

When someone is nice, why do we look at it as a weakness? Since I've been in my current job, I've heard it too many times, "You're too nice." Growing up on the island, I was taught inafa'maolek. To us Chamorus, inafa'maolek means peace, love, harmony, family, good neighbor and most importantly, respect. Does this make me a weak person? If you are saying "yes", I say you're wrong. Society is so hardened that we forgot what respect is. Does this mean we should be rude in all our ways?

So if society is calling for us to be walking plastic, have a face of caked on make-up, exude being vain, constant selfishness, and rude to be considered beautiful - I'd rather be ugly. However, I know in my heart and my husband's eyes that I am beautiful. As the Bible says in 1 Samuel 16:7 - "The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." I end this blog with one question... Are you beautiful?

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