08 May 2009
Mother's Day is Every Day in the Iosefo Home
Today, technically yesterday... Tino surprised me with my Mother's Day present. Some women like their flowers, nice decor, jewelry, and/or chocolate... I on the other hand, love my techie gadgets! I know I sound like an Üb3r g33k now, but I confess - electronics are one of my vices. I love seeing how technology constantly evolves.

Anyway, the Bamboo writing tablet is one of the most enjoyable peripherals I've tinkered with in a long while. The points are pretty much exact and it works extremely well with Photoshop! I still have to get used to controlling my strokes in Photoshop with a pen, but honestly - it is quite easy. It even allows the user to navigate with the pen. I love this thing. I'm not the best artist in the world, but here is my very first drawing on the tablet:

It's been ages since I've doodled like this. I thought that the points were going to be off. Geez, I was insane trying to draw with a mouse. It's what I did in the marriage clipart. Wow... the possiblities! I really love my gift. It's almost as great as the camera he got me for my birthday. However, it still doesn't beat the four most valued gifts from the start: Love and my three girls. Thanks, Love. I really do love it! Oh and guess what... now I can end each entry with a quick signature! Like so.



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Introducing the adorable little angel:

Na'magodai na Neni este!!!

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