01 May 2009
Life's Blessings
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I know we are one of the worst bloggers out there. LOL. It's been many moons since we had posted an entry. However, these past few months, we have been enjoying our life's blessings. Often times we hear people say that having children is a mistake. I simply think that's pretty selfish of them. How can a grown person not like God's little perfections? The moment I wake up, I know there is a God when I hear the girls' laughter and screams. Don't get us wrong... parenting is one of the toughest jobs one can ever have. However, if we can easily commit ourselves to our jobs that pay money, why can't we do the same for our children? Sure the reward isn't money, but the unconditional love they bestow is far greater than one can posses. One can argue that when the child gets older, the real problems begin. I'd be foolish to say that I'm not anticipating this challenge. Yet we often forget that it is also the values that we teach our children at a young age, plays a significant role as they get older.

Our eldest is going to be eight this year. She is influenced by her peers who have different values from us and I see the challenges she is going through to test her boundaries - but it is our jobs to guide and inspire her to apply the values from home when she is away. My biggest regret as of right now is how my children do not see the island's values first hand. However, we hold those values close and teach our children that even though we are far from home, our island values remain to be one of the "latte stones" of our lives. Often times we remind her she is the eldest and with that position requires specific obligations. It is her destiny in life to be the guide for the twins. She is their role model and they look up to her.

Children are the perfection of their parents. When we leave this world, our children carry on our memories through their actions. I often remind myself that those that don't want children are missing out on the greatest joys in life. In my honest opinion, people who strongly believe children are mistakes, haven't begun to live yet. They don't know what true love looks or how true happiness feels. They also don't how to truly touch another person's life nor have they heard the greatest sounds from God. I feel sorry for those that truly oppose children. The negative thoughts they have about having a child is a mystery to me...

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