11 January 2009
The World's My Oyster and I'm the Pearl... I'm No Ordinary Girl!
Because I have twins ;). Truth be told... I got the title from my eldest's favorite show, H2O: Just Add Water. I must say as a parent I like it. It is pretty entertaining. It is a true "chick flick" to its very core. However, it reminds me of the Guam legend, Sirena, in a sense. I used to wonder what it would be like to be a mermaid. I guess in a way, this show brings out my inner child. The upside is I get to spend time with my daughter (even if it is in front of the television). Before you go all gung ho 'Parents shouldn't keep their kids in front of the tube' on me, it brings out her creative side. I like listening to her stories and how it sparks her imagination. So if you have little princesses, check it out. I personally think the show influences the girls more positively than Hannah Montana or any other Disney teen show. So enjoy this little video from YouTube. It is just the song. What can I say? I have to give credit where credit is due. I like the words to it.


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Introducing the adorable little angel:

Na'magodai na Neni este!!!

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