27 January 2009
Things aren't always what they seem...
I'm an extremely analytical person, or so I've been told. In a way it's good, but then again... it's also bad. On today's motivational notebook at work, it said, "Contentment is not based on the things we want, but the things we already have." That quote could not be more appropriate for everything that has happened. Gary, my former boss, used to always try to encourage me to see the positive side of things... then whoa! Here comes the pessimistic side of me. Since I've arrived to my new location, I've been nothing but negative. I guess I'm not really giving this place a chance. I miss my mentors. I miss having those individuals who would motivate me so that I'd want to do something. I'm lacking that here so far. I guess I rely on other people's positive attitude more than I thought. LOL. I feel like an energy leech and I'm okay with that. The difference between a want and a need is simple: I want to see the positive side of things, but I need to motivate myself to get there. However, I don't think I have the energy or the know how to get there on my own at this point. For now, I'll try to keep my head up and remember the wise words of my dear friends, "Things aren't always what they seem". See, I'm being positive already. Yay!

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