30 January 2009
Facing my giants
Today Kat and I went to the National Prayer Luncheon. As wrong as it sounds, I was convinced to go because there was a buffet. Ashamed as I am, I was more excited to discover it was Italian food. Despite my awkward, shameful moment, the Lord had spoken to me. It was really wanted I needed at that moment. The speaker, Chaplain Cecil Richardson, gave one of the most powerful testaments of God's grace. The overall message, as aptly centered on the story of David and Goliath- was that no matter what giants we are currently facing, there is an all powerful God who will defeat them as long as we have faith. I am sure we have all heard that before, but do we really take the time to appreciate the message and put our troubles in our faith in God? I am not the model Christian, but I believe God needed me to hear that message. It seems lately my prayers have been half-hearted and/or empty. You see, I'd pray - but then doubt also clouded my judgment. Even though my reason for attending the luncheon was for the wrong reasons, the Lord knew my troubles and needs. I felt spiritually fulfilled again and finally felt peace that everything is going to be alright.

When I arrived home, I told my dear husband about my experience. We then watched Religulous from Bill Maher. I never wanted to watch it, but I said okay. All I can say it's an hour or so I'll never get back. The gist of the movie was his flagrant disregard for believing in God. I was mad at first when I started to watch it, but then I started to feel sorry for the guy. It's obvious that as rich and famous as he is, he has an empty spot in life. However, he's too prideful to admit it. I respect that he has questions about faith. What I don't respect is how condescending he was to those who believed in something more than just science. Look at me now, I'm being judgmental - which is frankly not my place.

The Lord is knocking on your heart's door as he is mine. So I ask you this, have you thanked God today? As Chaplain Richardson said, "I don't know what type of giants you're facing in your life, but there is an all powerful God that will help you overcome them." What can I say, the Lord is great! I love God and I'm not embarrassed to express it!

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