20 December 2008
This is how far we've come...
Obviously it has been almost three months since we made an entry, so this is catch up time. We will start on the most recent events and reflect on November and October.


December crept up so fast that I cannot believe we literally traveled half-way around the world. Where we landed is of no importance, but I do know that I miss home more than I thought I would. We are still waiting for our vehicle to arrive. Last we know, it is here in the country we are in, but is on the waiting list to get transported to our undisclosed location.

The family and I are still trying to get settled in our home - which will take some getting used to. However, I do not think it will take too long. Like our car, our household items have not arrived yet. What can I say??? The joys of moving are ever so prevalent now, especially around Christmas time.

So far the entry has been a bit glum on our current situation, however, I must say that my new place of work is quite refreshing. Everyone takes care of each other. My co-workers have been extremely generous. A couple of co-workers, especially one in particular (and at this time, I refuse to give her name out for security reasons) have been taking me around to get things situated. I am truly grateful for all their help and generosity. It has made the move somewhat easier to cope with.

Another plus since we have arrived in country is reuniting with some old friends we consider family. It is still hard to believe that we are here with them. Their being here helps us feel more at home. They will be by for an odd Christmas, and we are anticipating their arrival. I guess if Santa was to ask us what we wanted for Christmas, I would not know what to ask for. I have a loving husband, children whom I cannot live without, a great workplace, and friends whom I hold dear to my heart are here with us. In addition, we have an ever so loving God and He has blessed us tremendously. Sure I know we are far from home, but I know our families love and miss us as much as we do them. However, we both understand the current situation requires us to be far. I know we are blessed, and I'm sincerely grateful to the Lord for all my blessings.


GUAM. I miss my island, people, culture, and most of all, our families. One month home seemed like two weeks. We did not get to do the things we said we would, but it is alright. Most of the time was spent with our family members - and that makes it all worth the while. It had been five years since we have been home and every miserable hour on the plane was worth the trip. Although I know that change is inevitable, I sometimes wish things did not change. We visited our old place and realized how far we have come - as a family. Ironically, I am willing to give up all that I have now for how complete I felt back then. To add to the items that have changed is the fact some of our loved ones were not there with us. We really miss them and we feel as if we missed out on a lot of things.

On the note of change, the island itself has changed. I know our people have always had pride. It was extremely evident how much pride we have in our island and ourselves. There is no doubt there will always be people who do not like us because the way we look or where we are from. However, the pride we have in ourselves and our homeland is heartwarming and is of the utmost importance in keeping what we have left of our culture alive.



October was the last full month we were in Alaska. I must say that we miss it more than we thought we would. We are forever grateful for Nate and Jackie Jacobs who were there for us when no one else was. Jackie has always been a sweet cousin and friend. She was the closest person we had to a family out there. Through the ups and downs she never judged us and was always there when we needed her. I am forever indebted to her.
Even though we only met Nate at the tail end of our stay in Alaska, he is one of the most open-minded people I know. He has embraced our culture and genuinely loves Jackie. I could not ask for anything more from him but to take good care of her and the little anticipated angel. We will never forget all that they did for us. We miss them so much and I am sure the girls would be excited to see them again. Hopefully we will be reunited again.


It was bittersweet to leave Alaska. There are a few people from work that I miss and they are in no particular order and will be referred to by a first name basis for security reasons:

Irene, Gary, Mike, Tanya, Susie, Renee, Ed, Kim, Michelle, Tim, Chaka, Shameka, Sam, Brock, Jennifer, and Connie.

The individuals above have also made my Alaska journey worth it. Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for meeting them. They are no longer people I worked with but are also my friends.


So that was a brief summary of all of the events that happened while we were absent from the blogging world. I will try my best to keep it updated as much as possible.

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