08 September 2008
The Pugnacious Side of Me
Watch this first and you'll understand why I'm a little pugnacious today: P. Diddy: McCain Should've Picked Michelle Obama as V.P.???

It used to bother me when celebrities use their star power to endorse a candidate. However as of Thursday, nothing irks me more than to see a celebrity ignorantly endorse a candidate. To hear the racism and stereotypes by celebrities such as Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is aggravating.

Throughout this election, mostly every American claims we're breaking down barriers with an
African American presidential nominee and recently, the second female vice presidential nominee. Unfortunately, the underlying issues behind the obvious barriers are piercing through. For Sean Combs to state, "I don't even know if there are any black people in Alaska" or "There's not even crackheads in Alaska, not even black people...no crime..." just shows that America is still along way from dealing with discrimination. As a victim of discrimination, I know that the wounds take time to heal. Sean Combs should utilize his millions and educate himself. Sure he apologized in his Blog 16.5 for his comments. However, it lacked sincerity and conviction of his recklessly ignorant comments. If he had done his research, he'd known that Alaska has faced and still is facing a major drug problem. Furthermore, Alaska has had its fair share of violence - just like any other place.

This boils down to one thing... Celebrities, be it they are still citizens, should keep their political comments to themselves and remain neutral. They are a public figure nonetheless and people look up to them. I don't understand why celebrities would try to use their star power to sway voters to the nominee of their choice. If they do, they should do it in a responsible manner.

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